2D Looping GIFs
Sermon bumper: Everyday Church
Logo Design: Sunday School
3D animation (Maya)
IBM: American football
IBM: Using social media to determine marketing
IBM: Nascar x The Weather Company
IBM: Social listening
IBM: Matternet
Jesus Born Today
IBM: Global collaboration
Advice for graphic design students
The Boy Who Feared Dragons
IBM: Streamlining processes for refugees
IBM: A discovery focused tourism app
IBM: Furnas
HERE web animations
Video production
Page Layout with Peter
L'Oréal Colour Trophy
Know Your Litterbugs
IBM: Nokia's technology for elders
Screenprint dancers
TIBCO: The magic behind Jaspersoft software
Rough Shutter Clothing
IBM: Online safety for children
HERE: Software for services 'on-demand'
HERE: Aggregating vehicle data
Proud Of My Mark
IBM: Travel search using everyday language
IBM: Port Efficiency
IBM: Construction company leads the way
IBM: Cognitive whiteboards
IBM: In depth candidate analysis for employers
Gentleman's Journal
Graphic Design for Charities: My BA Dissertation
IBM: Data analytics for oil companies
IBM: Appliances connected to the cloud
IBM: Next-generation chatbots
IBM: Virtual hotel concierge
IBM: Developer tools for truck company Daimler
IBM: Healthcare freedom of choice for the elderly
IBM: Fighting back at cyberbullying
IBM: Cyber security
IBM: Can facilities management slow tuition increases?
IBM: Record breaking speedboat technology
IBM: Trackable wine distribution
IBM: Smart hearables
IBM: Endless video playlists from IrisTV
IBM: Resource management
Night of the Radishes
IBM: Email management
The Human Researchers
Sid the Friendly Spider
IBM: Overcoming information overload
IBM: Recycling plastic into online currency
IBM: Financial data analytics
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